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Small Varsity Competition and Game Day Team

First Name Last Name Position
Elise Long Base
Ellie Berglin Base
Emma  Nathe Base
Kenna Cyrzan Top
Kenzie Little Back
Kylie Godfredson Top
Lauren Adams Base
Madison Schmit Back
Masue Kamara Back
Savannah Arnold Top
Sydney  Lewis Base
Tori Nelson Base

Small Varsity Competition Schedule

Game Day Competition Schedule

Varsity Competition Cheer News

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Conflict Resolution Policy

Conflict Resolution Policy—24-HOUR RULE

Each year 2.5 million people coach kids.  These coaches are the vehicles that provide organized youth athletics an existence. As parents we will not always agree with a coach’s decision.  However, it is important to recognize that the coaches’ role is to make decisions for the team first and a player second. 

Often, we tend to recognize the coaching staff’s decisions through our player first and the team second.  Also, we need to understand that most players are not aware of any problem until we, as parents, bring it to their attention.

 Many sports throughout the United States have adopted the 24 Hour rule in an effort to address significant concerns, while attempting to remove the emotional concerns, particularly in the presence of the youth athlete.

MG Cheer subscribes to the 24-Hour Rule.

Briefly, this means that parents are not to discuss any “negative” practice/performance situation with the coaching staff until at least 24 hours have passed from the completion of the practice/performance. At this point, if the issue remains a concern, the following procedure must be followed:

1.    The parent will contact the program director and schedule a meeting with the program director that will be documented.

2.    The program director and coach will discuss the area of concern and obtain a documented, consensus, recommendation.

3.    The program director will respond to the issue of concern to the parent.

4.    If the parent feels that the issue of concern remains and has not been appropriately addressed, the parent may schedule a meeting with MG Senior High Athletic Director.

Violation of the 24-Hour Rule will be addressed as Zero Tolerance and may result in suspension of your child from the MG Cheer Program.  Please respect the significance of the 24-Hour Rule.  If we honor this concept, concerns will be moved away from an audience with our children, a possible ill-timed discussion, and issues will be viewed in the proper perspective.